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M M Rafiq Cargo is a pioneer in cargo business related to Denim and export industry. We are expert in moving the denim fabric and giving the cutting edge to our customers for efficient business. We are already in business with top export houses in Pakistan. Our customers include Nishat Mills, Cotton Web Limited, Master Textiles, H Saddar Ali, Kamal Limited, Sadaqat Limited, Softwood Private Limited, SAB Apparel, Ali Murtaza Associates, Stylers International Limited, Styler Plus Private Limited and many other.



M.M Rafiq Cargo is a team of expert professionals engaging the fabric movement mainly for export industry in Karachi, Lahore, Faisalabad and Multan. 

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Our mission is to become your number one choice in fabric movement and that's because we believe in that. We always strive to help your business for the better time management and safe deliveries of your products. 



safe handling

Our team always take care of your goods and belongings.

Warehouse Service

If due to any case, we can store your goods in our warehouse for a minimal charges.

Delivery Services

We provide you the normal and urgent service based on your requirement and your business needs.

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